Monday, November 9, 2009

Release your limitations!

I've been asked to sing again after a three year break. I kept thinking "before I need to do this, I need to make sure they understand my limitations". As I continued to think about this over the past few weeks, I started to evaluate why that was important to me. In the past, I've tried to be a vocal "generalist" rather than to focus on the center of my natural style and range. Rather than embrace my strengths, I focused on my weaknesses and resented what I could not do as well as others. I've found this same theme to be true in other aspects of my life.

While evaluating my heart on this issue I realized that my perspective was completely backwards. God has gifted us all with "specialties" which we are able to excel at. This may mean that our abilities don't match what others are doing. That fact alone means you were created to meet a need that others are not able to fit into. Rather than looking at your skills as a misfit, look at them as a perfect fit.

So, I will still have a conversation before I sing but it will be a different lens. Now the conversation will not be my limitations, but it will be to emphasize my unique strengths. If the strengths I have fit the need, I will know that I'm walking into the situation that God has designed for my unique abilities.

Is there a situation where you are compromising your unique abilities? My friend, you are FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made for a purpose you can fulfill. Don't undermine that calling by trying to fit in.